Statement of Faith of

River of Life Christian Church in Philadelphia


We believe

The Triune True God The Father is the true God who created all things in the universe.

My Son Jesus was originally equal to God and came into the world as a man. Conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, He laid down His life on the cross to atone for the sins of the world. Peace is made by His punishment, and healed by His scourge. Jesus rose from the dead on the third day and ascended to heaven, and now sits at the right hand of God the Almighty Father, and will come to judge the world again.

The Holy Spirit is a God who dwells in believers, and the Holy Spirit is full of power to give believers a holy life and serve God.


We believe

The Bible is inspired by God and is the foundation of all faith and life.


We believe

Man is saved by faith. In the last judgment, both believers and unbelievers will be resurrected, and those who believe will have eternal life, and those who do not believe will perish forever. We believe that the church is the body of Christ. From the time of the apostles until the present day, we belong to the same body, witnessing the glory of Godin





三位一體的真神 聖父是創造宇宙萬有的真神。














人的得救是因信稱義。在末日的審判時,信與不信的都要復活,信者得永生,不信者永遠滅亡。 我們相信 教會是基督的身體。從使徒時代直到如今,我們同屬一個身體,見證神的榮耀。